Principle Investigator:

Dr. Stephen Z. D. Cheng

Dr. Stephen Z. D. Cheng

Post-Doctoral Associates:

Gengxin Liu

Gengxin Liu

Xueyan Feng

Xueyan Feng

Ph.D. Students:

Wenpeng Shan

Wenpeng Shan

Shuailin Zhang

Shuailin Zhang

Yanfeng Xia

Yanfeng Xia
Co-advisor with Dr. Bryan Vogt (Polymer Engineering)

Xiaoyun Yun

Xiaoyun Yan

Qingyun Guo

Qingyun Guo

Jiahao Huang

Jiahao Huang

Ruimeng Zhang

Ruimeng Zhang


Dr. Chang Liu (Ph.D, 2017)

Dr. Kun Yang (Ph.D, 2017)

Dr. Xueyan Feng (Ph.D, 2017), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at University of Akorn)

Dr. Wei Zhang (Ph.D, 2016), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at Harvard University)

Dr. Zhiwei Lin (Ph.D, 2016), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at Columbia University)

Dr. Mingjun Huang (Ph.D, 2015), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dr. Hao Liu (Ph.D, 2015), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at University of California Berkeley)

Dr. Shuo Zhang (Ph.D, 2015), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at Argonne National Laboratory)

Dr. Jing Wang (Ph.D, 2014), (Current position: Lab Manager, at South China University of Technology)

Dr. Chih-Hao Hsu (Ph.D, 2014), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at Berkeley Lab — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Dr. Xuehui Dong (Ph.D, 2013), (Current position: Professor, at South China University of Technology)

Dr. Kan Yue (Ph.D, 2013), (Current position: Professor, at South China University of Technology)

Dr. Vershima Tachia (Ph.D, 2013)

Dr. Yiwen Li (Ph.D, 2013), (Current position: Professor, Sichuan University, China)

Dr. I-Fan Hsieh (Ph.D, 2013), (Current position: R & D Reseacher, Bridgestone, USA)

Dr.Yan Cao (Ph.D, 2012), (Current position: Assistant Professor, at Shenzhen University, China)

Dr. Xinfei Yu (Ph.D, 2012), (Current position: Scientist, at Milligan Company)

Dr. Hao-Jan Sun (Ph.D, 2012), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at University of Pennsylvania)

Dr. Chi-Jun Tsai (Ph.D, 2011), (Current position: Milligan Company)

Dr. Chien-Lung Wang (Ph.D, 2011), (Current position: Assistant Professor, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)

Dr. Rahul R. Kulkarni (Ph.D, 2010), (Current position: ExxonMobil Chemical)

Dr. Wen-Bin Zhang (Ph.D, 2010), (Current position: Professor, at Peking University, China)

Dr. Ming-Siao Hsiao (Ph.D, 2009), (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, at University of Bristol, England)

Dr. Ryan Van Horn (Ph.D, 2009), (Current position: Assistant Professor, at Allegheny College)

Dr. Siwei Leng (Ph.D, 2009), (Current position: 3M Company)

Dr. Shujun Wang (Ph.D, 2008), (Current position: 3M Company)

Dr. Prachur Bhargava (Ph.D, 2007), (Current position: Ashland Aqualon)

Dr. Matthew J. Graham (Ph.D, 2006), (Current position: Vice President, Akron Polymer System)

Dr. Huiming Xiong (Ph.D, 2006), (Current position: Professor, at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

Dr. William Yan Chen (Ph.D, 2005), (Current position: Pepsi Cooperation)

Dr. Joseph Xiaoliang Zheng (Ph.D, 2005), (Current position: Akron Polymer System)

Dr. Kwang-Un Jeong (Ph.D, 2005), (Current position: Associate Professor, at Chonbuk National University, Korea)

Dr. Ping Huang (Ph.D, 2004), (Current position: EV3 Cooperation)

Dr. Wenwen Cai (Ph.D, 2004), (Current position: US Patent Office)

Dr. Bart Mansdorf (Ph.D, 2003), (Current position: Sherman Plastics)

Dr. Jr-Jeng Ruan (Ph.D, 2003), (Current position: Associate Professor, at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

Dr. Alexander J. Jing (Ph.D, 2003), (Current position: Lubrizol Cooperation)

Dr. Xin Weng (Ph.D, 2002), (Current position: Lumera Corporation)

Dr. Chengchen Xue (Ph.D, 2002), (Current position: Bayer Corporation)

Dr. Shi Jin (Ph.D, 2001), (Current position: Associate Professor, at City University of New York at Staten Island)

Dr. Yongxin Tang (Ph.D, 2001), (Current position: Kent Electroptics Inc., New York)

Dr.Zheng Liu (Ph.D, 2001), (Current position: 3M Company)

Dr. Shuxing Cong (Ph.D, 2001), (Current position: Lumera Corporation)

Dr. Zhihao Shen (Ph.D, 2001), (Current position: Associate Professor, at Peking University, China)

Dr. Gue-Hyun Kim (Ph.D, 2001), (Current position: Professor and Associate Dean, Dongseo University at Pusan, Korea)

Dr. Ian Mann (Ph.D, 2000), (Current position: Chief Operations and Technology Officer at BluGlass Ltd.)

Dr. Lei Zhu (Ph.D, 2000), (Current position: Professor, at Case Western Reserve University)

Dr. Wensheng Zhou (Ph.D, 2000), (Current position: Bridgestone/Firestone Company)

Dr. Paul Honigfort (Ph.D, 2000), (Current position: Food and Drug Administration)

Dr. Ruqing Zheng (Ph.D, 2000), (Current position: Foreign Affair Office, Associate Director, Peking University, China)

Dr. Shane Fang (Ph.D, 1999), (Current position: US Patent Office)

Dr. Christopher Y. Li (Ph.D, 1999), (Current position: Professor, at Drexel University)

Dr. Shian-Ming Lin (Ph.D, 1998), (Current position: Printed Circuit Board Company, Taiwan)

Dr. Jason Jiaxin Ge (Ph.D, 1998), (Current position: Arkema Group)

Dr. Erqiang Chen (Ph.D, 1998), (Current position: Professor, at Peking University, China)

Dr. Kevin W. McCreight (Ph.D, 1998), (Current position: Eastman Chemical Company)

Dr. Fuming Li (Ph.D, 1998), (Current position: 3M Company)

Dr. Orawan Taikum (Ph.D, 1998), (Current position: Degussa Corporation)

Dr. Mark E. Leland (Ph.D, 1998), (Current position: Atofina Petrochemicals Inc)

Dr. Yoan Kim (Ph.D, 1997), (Current position: Alpha-Micron Technology)

Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel (Ph.D, 1996), (Current position: Army Research Laboratory)

Dr. Ching-Chang Shen (Ph.D, 1996), (Current position: ICI Company)

Dr. Weihan Li (Ph.D, 1996), (Current position: Johnson & Johnson Industries)

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman (Ph.D, 1996), (Current position: Pennsylvania State University at Erie Campus)

Dr. Edward P. Savitski (Ph.D, 1996), (Current position: Consultant)

Dr. Bryan Livengood (Ph.D, 1996), (Current position: Lexmark International)

Dr. Rong-Ming Ho (Ph.D, 1995), (Current position: Disdtinguished Professor, National Tsinghua University, Taiwan)

Dr.Song-Koo Lee (Ph.D, 1995), (Current position: Akron Rubber Development, Inc.)

Dr. Yeocheol Yoon (Ph.D, 1995), (Current position: Assistant Professor, Canada)

Dr. Zhengzheng Bu (Ph.D, 1995), (Current position: General Electric Company)

Dr. Bin-Lin Hsu (Ph.D, 1995), (Current position: Oplink Inc.)

Dr. Fang-Chyou Chiu (Ph.D, 1995), (Current position: Professor, Chang Gung University, Taiwan)

Dr. Han J. Song (Ph.D, 1995), (Current position: Hyundai Petroleum, Korea)

Dr. Scott S. Wu (Ph.D, 1994), (Current position: Lexmark International)

Dr. Seung-Wook Lee (Ph.D, 1994), (Current position: Vice President, Sumsong Cheil Industries Inc., Korea)

Dr. Tammy M. Chalmers (Ph.D, 1994), (Current position: 3M Company)

Dr. Jonnie Rodriguez-Arnold (Ph.D, 1994), (Current position: Wright-Patterson Air force Base Laboratory)

Dr. Jae-Young Park (Ph.D, 1994), (Current position: CTO, Nanopacific Inc., Korea)

Dr. Mark Eashoo (Ph.D, 1994), (Current position: Professor, US Patent Office)

Dr. Jiang Liu (Ph.D, 1994), (Current position: BP Chemical)

Dr. Fred E. Arnold, Jr. (Ph.D, 1993), (Current position: Wright-Patterson Air force Base, Materials Manufacturing Directories)

Dr. Ricardo Pardey (Ph.D, 1993), (Current position: Venezuela Technological Institute of Petroleum)

Dr. Ronald L. Johnson (Ph.D, 1992), (Current position: Goodyear Company)

Dr. Jianhua Chen (Ph.D, 1992), (Current position: Boston Scientific)

Dr. Michael A. Yandrasits (Ph.D, 1991), (Current position: 3M Company)

Dr. Daniel P. Heberer (Ph.D, 1990), (Current position: Morton International)